A little behind the scenes from our D’SCENE Magazine Summer 2015 issue and ELLE MAN Serbia cover story shoot in Milan.
The shoot took place at photo Studio OCTA in Milano and featured top models River Viiperi, Steve Milatos, Tom Barker, Juan Betancourt, Jakub Zelman,Linus Gustin, Patrick Kafka,Leebo Freeman and Misa Patzinski to name a few.BACKSTAGE-10-620x413BACKSTAGE-00-620x932 BACKSTAGE-01-620x413

BACKSTAGE-02-620x413 BACKSTAGE-03-620x413 BACKSTAGE-04-620x932 BACKSTAGE-05-620x413 BACKSTAGE-06-620x413 BACKSTAGE-07-620x413 BACKSTAGE-08-620x610 BACKSTAGE-09-620x413 BACKSTAGE-11-620x413 BACKSTAGE-12-620x413 BACKSTAGE-13-620x413 BACKSTAGE-14-620x605 BACKSTAGE-15-620x609 BACKSTAGE-16-620x932 BACKSTAGE-17-620x413 BACKSTAGE-18-620x413 BACKSTAGE-19-620x413 BACKSTAGE-20-620x413 BACKSTAGE-21-620x413

Styling by Emily Lee at Freelancer Artist Agency.
Grooming by Mimmo DiMaggio and Louie Ferry
Styling assistants Zuzanna Borowska & Jiyu Lee
Photos by Federico Laddaga